Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's in Your Desk?

Every now and then, I get the wild notion to clean off my desk and reorganize my desk drawers. I know, I know . . . crazy talk. Still, it makes for an interesting archaeological expedition as I dig through the strata of detritus (Huh! Where did that sandwich come from?)

It has been quite a while since I tackled the main desk drawer - the wide one that's front and center. I keep my good pens in a holder and my not-so-good pens in a not-so-good holder, so the middle drawer is the home of other office (and not-so-office) supplies.

Here's a list of the items that I found, in no particular order:
* A Radio Shack solar-powered calculator I bought in 1986. It quit working just a few weeks ago. :(
* A travel toothbrush and some Crest "Clean Cinnamon" toothpaste.
* A $5 bill! (Lucky find - now in my wallet)
* A Tide instant stain remover pen (Very handy!)
* A tube of Levenger "Aero-clips" (fancy paper clips - I forgot when I bought them)
* Some lemony moist towelettes
* A discount card to some area restaurants, tire stores, etc. (expired)
* Six keys that go to ???
* A few golf tees
* A cherry cough drop, firmly affixed to the drawer.
* Numerous business cards (now in the circular file).
* Paper clips galore. I think they're multiplying.
* An empty Altoids box I've been saving.
* Some dental floss - waxed, minty
* A non-working penlight
* Sticky-note pads from several vendors
* A couple of old wallet-size family photos
* My fishing license (expired)
* two AAA batteries (expired in 2006)
* Assorted pre-inked stamps (faxed, received, file copy)
* an empty tube of Chap-Stick
* Some unidentified meds (now discarded)
* Several cellophane-wrapped toothpicks
* A package of Pilot Fountain Pen ink cartridges (blue)
* A jewelers screwdriver (so THAT's where you've been hiding!)
* A box of chalk. Chalk?
* Numerous scraps of paper, old coupons, highliters, a steel ruler, pencils and dust.

So, what's in YOUR desk?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mea Culpa!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Here's a list of reasons why I haven't written any reviews or made any comments lately . . .

1. High humidity is causing ink to run on paper, spoiling review results.
2. Hot summer temperatures causing writer's cramp - difficult to test pens.
3. My dog ate my homework.
4. Someone switched out my regular coffee with decaf. Now suffering from narcolep . . . zzzzzzz
5. Huh? Sorry, I must have dozed off.
6. Accidentally mailed last review through Post Office rather than post on-line.
7. Spel annd grammmer chek funcshun fayled, makkin postes unreeduhbul.
8. Can anyone say, "Vacation?!"
9. Missed Lent - gave up posting for Summer Solstice instead.
10. Trying to minimize my carbon footprint by typing reviews into computer with power off. Epic fail.

Okay - they're all lame excuses. Real reason? Just busy with work at church and other "stuff." I do plan on posting a review of Private Reserve's "Orange Crush" ink in a few days . . . once I can find my camera, that is. ;)