Tuesday, September 29, 2009

National Coffee Day

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog to announce that today is National Coffee Day. I invite you to join me in raising a mug of coffee (in my case, Community Medium Roast) in honor of this auspicious occasion.

Thank you. We now return you to whatever you were doing before I interrupted.


  1. I celebrated by trying some of that Starbucks Via instant coffee. It tasted pretty good, but left a thick, evil-looking sludge in the bottom of the cup. Off-putting.

  2. Can't believe I missed this day. I would have celebrated with a Clover single brew at 21st Street Coffee. But, it is always coffee day for me, so I raise my cup of nondescript french roast from my Kuerig (because I can't make a decent cup of coffee to save my soul, though that doesn't stop me from wanting to own my own coffee bar....I'd learn) and say "Let the grounds make you soar."