Friday, February 19, 2010

My Free Uniball Pen Arrived!

My free Uniball Pen with "Super Ink Technology" arrived in today's mail. I must admit, I had mixed expectations upon its arrival. Uniball is one of my favorite brands, but my past experience with free offerings has been less than stellar. I guess I'm from the "you get what you pay for" school of thought.

So, with muted enthusiasm, I opened the cardboard container and found my free pen. Happily, I discovered a nice Jetstream retractable pen with blue barrel and chrome trim - nice for a freebie. There was even a 50 cent coupon attached to the mailing box, a very nice touch! The pen indicated a 0.7 tip and I assumed by the blue barrel that it contained blue ink. Not a problem, though I prefer black ink.

The proof is in the writing, however, so I took pen in hand and grabbed my Franklin-Covey planner to give it a test. To my (pleasant) surprise, the ink was black rather than blue. Not only that, it wrote as smoothly (more-so, perhaps) than my current workhorse - a Uniball Signo Micro 207. The line was finer than I anticipated for a 0.7 tip, but as I prefer a fine line, this was a plus. In short, I really like this pen!

I procured some other paper and enjoyed nearly flawless results on Doane Paper, cheap notebook paper, Levenger pads and even cardstock. The only blip came when I wrote on stationery with textured paper. In this instance, I noted some slight skipping in the ink flow. But outside of this one instance, the pen performed flawlessly.

So what is the big deal with "Super Ink Technology?" According to Uniball, "large pigment particles in the ink form an unbreakable bond with the paper fibers." In short, Super Ink helps prevent check fraud and fading over time - it is an archival quality ink. I did not test those claims, but I know their 207 ink performs well and I would think the Super Ink would do likewise.

"How do I get my free pen?" you are probably wondering. Simply go to the Uniball Super Ink website and fill out the form. This promotion will continue for a short time, so don't wait. Sometimes good things do come in small (free!) packages!

(Image by Uniball)


  1. Very cool, can't wait for mine! ;-)

  2. Awesome John. Thanks for letting people know about this. I just ordered mine.

    Take care,


  3. I got mine the other day. It's not bad. I think perhaps too thin. It's .7 and I'm used to a bigger tip.

  4. It is thin for a 0.7 - seems more like a 0.5 to me. A great pen if you like a fine line but not for bold strokes. I wonder if they have a broader tip version available?

  5. Got mine. Writing haikus on papyrus reed scrolls. Works great!

  6. This seems like a great pen! :) Aw too bad, they're not available here in the Philippines.